As agriculture is the backbone of the nation so is Information technology the skeletal framework that upholds a developing nation.

The state IT policy have been evolving in tandem with the advent of investors and entrepreneurs seeking to tap into the untouched manpower and skills available for meager prices as compared to the rest of India. The present state government provides a foothold for foreign investments and have got many MOUs signed in the recent past, most of which are relevant to tech domain and provide a brighter prospect for the future of the state.

Congruent to the Digital India program the state IT policy is a flagship of the information and technology ministry, which seeks to empower the laymen, especially the rural India digitally.

Chhattisgarh in this perspective offers a wider scope for innovation, renovation and development of a frugal IT sector in the state. The IT policy of Chhattisgarh seeks to enable the panchayat and the rural economics with information technology, by laying out roadmaps for the same.

Digital India

IT Policy of Chhattisgarh

Crayoning the state with broadband in the rural and semi urban areas, is a baby step towards a better tech enabled growing infra of the state.

Government at your finger tip is what e-governance is all about and the revised IT policies and their prompt implementation have enabled the citizens especially of the larger cities like Raipur, Bilaspur etc. to connect with the state government and benefit from the policies.

A sustainability of reserves and resources is what the need of the hour is. Unless the basic needs and demands of the rural backyards of the state is met with, information technology no matter how timely or how sophisticated, would be of no aid to the infrastructural development of the state.

The other issue crippling the IT policy of the state is outsourcing.

Offshoring would be a good practice provided that majority of the employed youths domiciles of Chhattisgarh who are deserving and eligible in all aspects. What this would entail is a happy Chhattisgarhi folk working at his home or closer to, and contributing to the state with much more productivity and creativity. The economy would have a major boost. Imagine an engineer son or daughter of a farmer from a remote village, bringing in the wealth of their expertise in their home town and locality with cutting edge technology, positively instigating the new crop to take over the baton with more tenacity and audacity, enriching the state in varied aspect.

The present state government is very proactive and prompt in implementing various methodology to ensure that every sector is digitized. Many an apps have been launched and the old dusty government portals being refurbished and defunct enterprises rebranded with verve and renewed enthusiasm.

The people of the state have embraced the digital wave with open arms, despite the obstacles of electricity, illiteracy and various other inconveniences the rural and semi-urban folks face on a daily basis.

This is heartening and encouraging for the newly budded state.

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