Although comparatively a new state, the state of Chhattisgarh has shown promise and immense progress in various aspects of the growth curve.

A chunk of the formerly one of the largest state in India , Madhya Pradesh, the state of Chhattisgarh, contrary to the pessimistic predictions have come far from being a BIMARU appendix, being the numero uno in Reserves.

Many a factors have contributed to the development of Chhattisgarh as a national player in core sectors; infrastructure of the state has been the key amongst all.

The state policies have been modulated and improvised from time to time to overhaul the being of the state from the tip to toe.


Rice Bowl of India

Since its inception the backbone of the state “agriculture”, has been empowered with subsidies and investments that has contributes a growth curve in the agronomics. The state is still considered the RICE BOWL OF INDIA with home to over 22,000 varieties of indigenous rice. Not only this has boosted the state economy and prosperity, it has also affected the varied domains of state infrastructure form logistics, transportations to the very basics.

Although, various economists and critics have downplayed the state`s economic growth, Chhattisgarh have done considerable to attract foreign investment and improve the quality of basic infra. Bu the state have surpassed its own expectations in terms of logistical infra and implementation of its comprehensive policies, making it a role model for newly bud states.

The roads have been widened and rural and remote areas connected. A tar road or even a CC road surges life into the heart of rural Chhattisgarh providing channel for connecting the village with electricity and basic amenities of life. As the state boasts of surplus electricity, there are still hoods in the deciduous outskirts of the state that remain dark and glum due to the unavailability of electricity, telecommunication and basic health care. The major factor being the Maoist insurgence. Despite the insurgency problems, with the help of the paramilitary, many an infested areas, have been made accessible to civilization and development.

Chhattisgarh Development

Road Development in Chhattisgarh

Technology have been on the forefront of all the growth dividend of any states prosperity. With the advent of technical varsities and institution, the state has produced a crop of IT and tech enabled generation, many of whom have stayed back or come back after their successful venture with the IT giants of the south and abroad, contributing significantly to the tech-tonics of the state.

The government in its latest IT policy have emphasized on thrusting E-governance and enabling IT across all domain of the society. This is directly proportionate to more and more investment in the IT sector of the state. IT drives the other sectors including public and varied private services.

Now that the development of the state and its infrastructure is at the behest of technology, the government has promptly employed all possible means to ensure that the state is a showcase of a excellency and innovation and empowered people and civic.

Progressive Chhattisgarh brings you the heart and soul of the Chhattisgarh soil. Stay tuned in for more. Awaiting your kind reviews.

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