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Gangrel Dam| Gangrel Dam is placed at 13 KM distance from Dhamtari and around 90 km from Raipur, this dam built on Mahanadi River. Gangrel Dam also known as Ravishankar Sagar Dam .This is a popular tourist spot of Dhamtari District. It gains maximum importance being the biggest and longest dam in Chhattisgarh.. This dam materials year circular cleansing, permitting stating to harvesting two plants per year. The coordinates are 20°37’1″N 81°34’12″E. Gangrel Dam,Gangrel Dam which contributes a major share in the prosperity and development of Dhamtari region,The sources said adding thedam is just one foot below the full reservoir level of 348.70 metre.All In Gangrel Dam there are 14 gates have been opened to maintain the flow of water, the surface area of gangrel dam is 95 km2 (37 sq mi).

while in monsoons will become a must check out place with attractive island and overflowing flora and fauna. State Travel board has their own residence for the vacationers to remain.  Dam Volume of Gangrel Dam has 1,776,000 m3    In Gangrel Dam site has garden etc and also This dam is popular for its sunset and several people come here every year for picnic , the reservoir looks beautiful . There area unit little restaurant close and conjointly cottages by chhattisgarh business enterprise. Speed boat ride is additionally obtainable here for the tourists. conjointly public utility is operated from the gate to the garden for the tourists,Water rides and water sports activities are also present which are the main attraction of the place..

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The hydro-electric power generation from the this dam is 10 MW. Gangrel Dam is also supplies water to Bhilai Steel Plant and capital city Raipur, This dam supplies year round irrigation, which gives the provision for farmers of the areas of Dhamtari, Raipur and Durg to harvest two crops per year.


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