“A transparent, smart governance with seamless access, secure and authentic flow of information crossing the inter-departmental barriers and providing a fair and unbiased services to citizens.”

Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam.

A precise definition by the missile man of India! That’s E-governance for you. A government by the people, a government for the people, a government through the information technology.

E Governance

Information technology

The advent of the WWW and Smart phone technologies has undoubtedly optimized the world from globalization to glocalization. Technology has shaped the world in ways beyond imagination. At your tap, at your leisure, you have access to virtually any amenities and services you are looking for. The present world economy, politics, law and order, administrations, academics and what not- heavily depend upon the ever evolving capabilities of the Information Technology. Layers and layers of a zillion code has a vowed to bridge, the gap between the government and the people, the void between higher academics and the aspirant, the hassles between the consumer and the vendor, the queues at the banks…well, we can go on!

The seamless simplicity and availability of such resources tapped by the government for a better functionality and access to its people have proven to be much productive and fruitful.

The same is been implemented by the CG state government, with its renewed IT policies and schemes. The IT enabled governance would get rid of the red tapism and the other hassles infesting the government from tip to toe, benefiting the people especially in the rural and red corridor of the state.

So far the Maoist infested part of the state had been almost inaccessible and almost shut to the government and local administration. Setting up of rural broadband in the adjacent regions and simplifying the technology, making it affordable and affable to the Small scale and cottage industries in the state, the farmers and the illiterate daily wagers, would reap a bountiful economical harvest. That’s exactly what the government is doing.

Smart cards

Health Care Endowment

The state government has been setting up portals for varied domains to provide ease of access to information and services to the people of the state. The unemployed and the needy have been vastly benefited. Free annual health care endowment to all the folks of Chhattisgarh would have been a departmental nightmare but for the implementation of Smart cards which has been beneficial in integrating state wide data. The Chhattisgarhi people have enthusiastically embraced the technological noose around themselves. Noose would not be a better choice of word. Well it’s quite comfortable but discussing the cons of the same is beyond the scope of this article.

The state government have integrated all available data (in all domain and sectors) in a data Centre and made it available in its various allied portals.

E governance is very ecofriendly in terms of working paperless and thus saving trees and thereby the environment and the frugality of saving the penny in the production of papers. No papers lost and no tampering with the encrypted data (well of course, there always is a possibility…nevertheless).

The services, the decisions and the execution is at the speed of the electron with e-governance.

It saves the most valuable capital in space time frame, which is the most precious of all-“time”. And it’s the most critical factor, in managing, administrating and governing a state with a population of 25.5 million! More than that of the continent of Australia!!

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