Without a shadow of doubt the state has grown from a toddling chunk of now its motherly state Madhya Pradesh, to a self-reliant and confident young zesty state.

Post-independence the geopolitical state boundaries have always been amoebic, never expanding though, ever shrinking and reproducing alienated souls of culture, tradition, dialects and languages.

Chhattisgarh far from any of these travesties that effect a newly budded state has shown promise and stability in the past 14 years of its genesis.

Contrary to the hues and cry that only few would be benefitted with the formation of the new state the state has grown from strength to strength in terms of national reserves, core and non-core industrial development, life standard and life style of the people of the state and evolved its policies keeping the development of people of the state in mind.

There are three kinds of lies, the adage goes on, lies, terrible lies and statistics. Hence, the following review sans any statistics, rather an overview.

From a quaint landlocked superstition ridden, hub of illiteracy and poverty, Chhattisgarh has en-strengthened itself to become one of the prominent electricity reserves of the nation, distributing power to  the neighboring states, and yes has got rid of the Neolithic traditions like witchcraft and such to some extent( although the same is prevalent in the country in many states).

The state has made incredible journey from primary healthcare infested with the red tapeism and lack of resources to the newly inaugurated AIIMS in Raipur, and many private and non-profit clinics and multi-specialty hospices opening up throughout the state providing better healthcare without picking the pocket.


AIIMS in Raipur

The present state government has pumped in as much the central investment to divest the previous debts and get the state economy boost with subsidies and such policies to the agronomy sector. The farm swarm has made the state prosperous with lower price rates of vegetables as well FMCGs that would cost a couple of percent more in the other neighboring states.

With the advent of the new IT policy, the state has attracted the national bigwigs and also MOUs from foreign governments and industries.

The more truly remarkable achievement would be the brilliant town planning of the currently under development Naya Raipur city proposed to be the new capital of the state. It is the first green capital of the nation and also a smarter city. The fourth planned city since independence.

Naya Raipur City

Development of Chhattisgarh

The government has been very keen to remove poverty, malnourishment, eradication of chronic ailments plaguing the rural and the problem of unemployment.

As opposed to the migrating masses of talent and skills in the state during the first half decade of the state`s formation, Chhattisgarh is now witnessing the fruits of its policies harvest. More and more engineers, doctors and technicians are turning entrepreneurs, investing and prospering the overall economy of the state. The GDP of the state has boosted considerably.

In a couple of years the state would root firm in its progress and out do its predecessors in progress and prosperity. Wishing all the Chhattisgarhi folks a happy Chhattisgarh day. May you all be prosperous and progressive.

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