Declared by the parliament as the institutions of national importance, AIIMS cater to the ever growing medical needs of the second most populace country in the world.

India has been a hub of medical tourism in the last couple of decades owing to some of the best medical care and facilities provided in the world, at a fraction of international rates. Many a NRIs (Non Resident Indians) and many patients from developed countries with better health infrastructure, too prefer India! owing to the diversified medical specialty and availability of timely medical intervention at an affordable price. Among the bigwigs APOLLOS, the FORTIS, the WOCKHART; AIIMS have created a niche for itself, being a government enterprise providing world class medical facility and treatment. The only hitch would have been its pan India presence, which is slowly resolving.

The latest wing of AIIMS became operational in the capital city of Chhattisgarh, Raipur in September 2012.

Located at GE road, Tatibandh, near the Tatibandh Gurudwara (Raipur), the medical institute cater to the previously neglected and highly depilated health infrastructure of the state. Although there are some corporate hospitals rendering commendable services in the state, yet due to the exorbitant price of the medical services in the same have been a deterrent for the middle class and below poverty line folks to even afford a full body scan or merely a consequent visit fee.

However the advent of AIIMS have been a welcome change, although only a fraction of the people of the state have took advantage of the same.

The premise is still under construction and the lack of specialty departments adds to the woes of the poor patients who travel from the hinterlands of the rice bowl of India, oblivious of the beeline hoarding over the registration counters, making it virtually impossible to get an appointment, whatever the circumstances are. This management lag would phase off with the completion of the overall infrastructure of the institute in about a couple of years with the integration of super specialty departments and a streamlined management and operations.

At present the turnover of the patient is swelling with a rise in number of satisfied patients returning and recommending the same.

The government of Chhattisgarh too have left no stone unturned in providing the institute with any and all amenities as and when required, paving way for a smoother operation of the hospital.
The hospital even being in the nascent stage, is a shot in the arm of the state, which is suffering a recent rise in major chronic ailments like diabetes, cancer, rheumatoid and the likes.
There are more than 900 beds available in the hospital at present comprising nearly 30 plus departments excluding day care departments.

The medical college comprises of 12 departments and with a faculty count of about 60 including the HODs.

The students aspiring for medicals as a career have a renewed interest, with the advent of the nation’s largest public health enterprise. This would also give a major thrust to the local talent and skills vying for the health care sector and help curb the migration of doctors and medical professionals due to want of better infrastructure and affability of resources.

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