Agriculture is listed as the chief economic occupation of the state. According to the estimate of government, total sown area of the state is 4.828 million hectares and the uncivilized sown area is 5.788 million hectares. Animal husbandry and Horticulture also includes major share of the total populace of the state. Around 80% of the populace of the state is rural and the main livelihood of the villagers is agriculture and agriculture – based small industry.

Most of the farmers are still following the traditional techniques of cultivation which results in low growth rates and production. The farmers should know about each and every modern technology which will be perfect to their holdings. Giving necessary knowledge to the farmers is essential for better execution of the agricultural development plans and to increase the productivity.

The productivity of not only rice but also other crops is low as there is a very limited irrigated area. Hence the farmers are unable to acquire financial benefits from agriculture and it has remained as subsistence agriculture till now.

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